Women's Motorcycle Conference 2020


I was asked to join the online Women's Motorcycle Conference this year. I was honored and super stoked for the opportunity to join an amazing set of skilled women who are leaders of their own right in our industry. I decided to do an oil change demonstration, something I've done a million times, no sweat right? It'll take some smart lighting and set up but we've got some great friends to help with that. The zoom webinar on the other hand, the video presentation part was another story.


So we thought, oil change demo, easy right?


"When are you doing your next oil change class? I really want to learn how to change my oil" are two questions I get asked all the time. My response is usually something like... "awesome, changing your oil is the gateway to doing your own maintenance. And hopefully, furthering your technical knowledge, confidence, and garage etiquette." I was thrilled, so we donned our Motorgrrl coveralls and partnered up again with our pals at Motul. (and yes, we can totally hook you up with some oil in a bit).


 I delved right in and began by doing my outline and research, I wanted to do a deep dive. I went over my material numerous times. I was so excited, I prepped at work, even while exercising, unceasingly working on it.


I was incessantly thinking about oil,
I was pretty confident I knew my material inside and out.  


While I felt comfortable public speaking and have done it a plethora of times, this experience was very different. There was no audience to engage with, I couldn't see their reactions or questions - just a camera lens. 


All of a sudden, I felt like an actor who forgot their lines on live TV


My mind went blank, I had a brain freeze moment on national TV. I went off-script, tongue twisted my thoughts and then caught myself saying nothing. I stopped speaking abruptly and gave a blank stare into a half lit garage.


As quickly as I could, I perused my notes, yes these are my notes,
I was able to pick up where I left off, I think. 


 Once that happened, I felt normal again and was able to continue without any further hesitation. It was great fun and I'll never trade the experience. I now know what to expect when doing a live video.

Thanks to all of those who watched! Hope you had a good laugh at this sneak peak into behind the scenes.

Special thank you to Motul for the support, Alisa for the opportunity, Ezra for the lights and setup, and Chin - the coolest techy assistant ever.   


Remember W is for "Winter". 

Now here is where I hook you up, for a Motul oil discount... use code BRAINFREEZE and get 15% off your next oil change at Motorgrrl. OR grab a Pit Stop Day Pass and DIY.


- Val


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