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An evening at Motorgrrl with Rally for Rangers.

Posted on January 18 2020

An evening at Motorgrrl with Rally for Rangers.

MotorGrrl is rev'd up to support the dynamic organization Rally for Rangers.


Our mission is to protect the world’s special places by empowering rangers around the world with new motorcycles and equipment. -Rally for Rangers


“I`m Boldbaatar. I received a new bike from the Rally for Rangers in 2015. Since then, it’s been much easier to do my job. As of today, I traveled almost 30 thousand kilometers on park patrols. I used to ride a horse or use a private vehicle to go to work. It took most of my time, and I couldn’t do anything else. Now, I can go wherever and whenever I want in such a short time. When I went to Menge bulag of West taiga, I was the first person to reach the area on a motorcycle. Since I received my new bike, I did almost 300 days of wilderness patrol, reached out to over 4,000 local people with park information, prevented over 180 violations and exposed 21 separate illegal actions in the park. I am very thankful to everyone who worked hard to provide us with motorcycles.”


Ranger, Ulaan Taiga Protected Areas


Sounds like a dream trip for most of us, but these rangers are facing tough conditions to enforce anti-poaching and land preservation.

From patrolling cultural antiquities to fighting fires, access to motorcycles greatly empower the rangers to protect their vast and sacred landscape.

We want to help these rangers to mount up and ride to the front lines. As motorcyclists, we are constantly searching to have the experience of the ride. We may understand the importance of their jobs best and what a valuable asset the motorcycle can be.

“Your support is critical to preserve the globally significant ecosystem around the world.” - Rally for Rangers


How do they do it?

Each year Rally for Rangers selects a special group of 15 individuals who have volunteered for quite a mission; provide the funds to buy a motorcycle & gear, ship them to a specified country location, and embark on an adventure ride of a lifetime. Nbd.

Rally for Rangers hosts 2 rallies a year in a chosen country where the special 15 gather to ride to their goal. The organizations name literally couldn’t be better.

From base camp, the group sets out across thousands of miles of adventure riding, interacting with communities along the route, sharing the remarkable journey they are on. Eventually, when their destination is reached, each rider personally hands off their motorcycle to a well deserving park ranger and their family.

By the end of 2019, Rally for Rangers have delivered nearly 100 new motorcycles to nine parks in three countries – Mongolia, Argentina, and Chile.

What we can do.

Support comes in many forms, from industry sponsors donating equipment, fuel and other necessities. Philanthropy partnerships able to give time and resources. And local small business collaborations like ours bringing together like minded individuals, creating sparks amoung the motorcycle community and beyond.

We are ignited by the extraordinary examples where one motorcycle had a life changing, often saving, effect. Please join us and our community partners at the Motorgrrl garage to show the world we can make a difference, one motorcycle at a time.

You won’t wanna miss a thing… we have limited space, please RSVP.


> We are thrilled to have Tom Medema, Rally for Rangers co-founder, bring his cause to Motorgrrl. He will be announcing 2021 Rally destinations too!

> Multiple time Rally for Rangers participant, Nelson (Kathleen) Corcoran will be in attendance, just imagine the stories she has!

> The New York premiere of the teaser trailer feature documentary ALL about the incredible experience of rallying for rangers!

> Short film screenings of previous Rally for Rangers rallies.

> Raffle prizes - all proceeds going to Rally for Rangers.

> There will be a free refreshment bar, please bring cash for tips - all proceeds will go to RfR.

> Last but not least, a HUGE thank you to our friends at Spiegel for catering!!

Motorgrrl Garage - Tuesday February 11th - 7-10pm.