Babes Ride Out East Coast 3 Photo Recap

Brooklyn & Philly ladies fueled up, caffeinated, and ready to roll out from Motorgrrl
Bikes and Babes starting to roll into the camp ground in style
The New York group found each other right away and set up camp
Roll in- take off riding gear- set up camp- start drinking beer
Triumph was in the house, hosting games like the slow race, keg push, and slalom course
The calm before the storm, the NYC camp attracted babes from all over to hang out
Karaoke hosted by Slow & Low Whiskey. The NYC babes did NOT disappoint. Christina Chapman brought the house down (literally) when she rocked so hard, she blew a fuse on stage!
Peaceful morning after a night or whiskey-fuel dancing
Views from the tent
Saturday ride maps were distributed and routes were planned
All smiles on the way to the Hawks Nest
Beautiful, sweeping views of the Delaware River, and twisties that go on forever
Essential Hawks Nest photo op
Meanwhile, back at camp...
Motorgrrl gear sightings!
Love from NYC to Narrowsburg, this was a Babes Ride Out for the books! See you next year! 
All photos taken by Atticus Phansa, Alessandra Racine, and Motorgrrl